2017 Local Government Election Results

Shire of Cranbrook


With 296 votes cast there was a 39% voter turnout in the local government election held on 21 October 2017. Please see the results from the election below:


Candidates                                                   Number of Votes

Chaz JOHN                                                           113

Pat SAUNDERS                                                      74

John COOPER                                                      125

Vanessa FIEGERT                                               161

Peter SLATER                                                       185

Norman LEWIS                                                      52

Peter DENTON                                                    160

Ruth BIGWOOD                                                 179

David CAREY                                                        138


Therefore the following people are elected as Councillors of the Shire of Cranbrook. Each Councillor will hold office for the term listed next to their name.


Peter SLATER                                                4 year term

Ruth BIGWOOD                                           4 year term

Vanessa FIEGERT                                        4 year term

Peter DENTON                                             4 year term

David CAREY                                                 4 year term


At the special Meeting of Council held on 24 October 2017, Cr Colin Egerton-Warburton was elected as Shire President and Cr Philip Horrocks as Deputy Shire President.


Retiring Councillors


Appreciation is extended to our retiring Councillors, Twynam Cunningham, Helen Parsons and Tom Standish, who have all contributed much of their valuable time to the Shire of Cranbrook and we would like to wish them well in their future endeavours.