Shire of Cranbrook

Welcome to the Shire of Cranbrook.  Nestled in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, the Shire of Cranbrook offers a range of opportunities.

To all residents, workers and visitors, and those who run a business or own a property in the area, of the Shire of Cranbrook. 

During December 2020 and February 2021, the Shire undertook the deepest community engagement process to date. We called this ‘Future Think’ as the process is about looking at our region ten years from now.

During this community engagement process, we reached nearly a quarter of our residents, which equates to a very good coverage of our adult population. We undertook this process in readiness to form your Community Strategic Plan 2021 to 2031. This Strategic Community Plan is the guiding document for all other plans and decision making the Shire makes through to 2025 until we are required to complete this process again. From the information you have provided, the Shire also forms a Corporate Business Plan which is in place to address the achievement of the Strategic Community Plan. The Community is also encouraged to achieve the Strategic Community Plan, in unison with the Shire. Most Shires in WA started this process between 2011 and 2014, and update their plans every four years. This process is also in existence across the rest of Australia, and in most other countries in the world.  

Thank you very much for so many of you who participated in one of eight group face-to-face consultations, an online survey or via emails. I also thank the Shire staff and partners who sent over 4500 messages in advance of this process to encourage engagement. 

Through external and independent consultants, Sally and Michael, the results have been collated into one report. We present this report, with a modern approach and transparency, so we can all learn from each other through hearing and considering each other’s views and biases. The report demonstrates your data and analytics, and your opinions. 

Sally and Michael have summarised your findings in the front of the report. Sally mentioned there are some distinct growth areas the community is driving towards, in particular in economic development.  She did say that the wide diversity of thought, often 180 degrees in opposing directions, is not uncommon in all local government areas. 

“Enabling the community to hear each other’s views is an excellent bi-product of this process. What is standing out to us in the area of Cranbrook, is the extremely high levels of intellectual property housed in the area. This is an asset to be harnessed – an asset many other regions don’t always have,” Sally Carbon, Director G11 Teams. 

The Future Think Community Engagement Report and the Future Think Survey Results can be viewed here.

Your 10-year Strategic Community Plan and the subsequent four-year Shire of Cranbrook Corporate Business Plan are due for completion by the end of April 2021. 

Yours sincerely,

Greg Blycha
CEO Shire of Cranbrook


The Shire of Cranbrook is proud to be an Act Belong Commit partner site.  Promoting and facilitating a mentally healthy workplace and community. With a blend of productive farmlands, picturesque scenery and an ideal lifestyle, the Shire is as diverse in its businesses and activities as it is in its landscapes. Traditional broad scale agriculture, wineries and vineyards, national parkland and rolling hills leading into the majestic Stirling Ranges – it is all in the Shire of Cranbrook.


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