2020/2021  RATES Instalment Options

Option One
Single Full payment due 7/09/2020
Option Two
First Instalment due 7/09/2020
Second Instalment due 11/01/2021
‚ÄčOption Three
First Instalment due 7/09/2020
Second Instalment due 9/11/2020
Third Instalment due 11/01/2021
Fourth Instalment due 11/03/2021

Please send us an email if the mailing address or ownership details on your rates notice is incorrect.

If you have not received your rates notice, are experiencing difficulties or have any questions regarding your rates please contact Finance Officer Shelley Askevold via email; [email protected] or telephone 9826 2202.

How to pay your rates

Payment options

Please note: All payments must be received the Shire by the due date in order to avoid penalty interest.  Payments recieved after the due date will incur an interest fee.

Option 1 - Payment in full

Up front payment of the total amount. There are no additional costs for this option. Full payment is due 35 days after the date of issue of the original notice. The due date is shown on the front of the Rates Notice.  Under this option, the ratepayer is automatically entered into a prize draw.

Option 2 - Instalment plan

There is an instalment administration fee of $15 and instalment interest charged of 5.5%.  The penalty interest rate for late instalment payments is 8% until the unpaid amount is received.  The first instalment payment amount includes all outstanding arrears. The instalment option may not be taken if at the date for payment of the first instalment any outstanding arrears remain unpaid.

In accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act (1995) and the Local Government Financial Management Regulations (1996), Council offers ratepayers a choice of payment of rates by either one, two or four instalments.

To offset the cost of offering the instalment payment option, the Local Government Act allows Council to charge a $5.00 Administration Fee on the second, third and fourth instalment plus interest at the prescribed rate on all instalment payments.

Making a payment

The Shire provides a number of ways for you to pay your Rates.  Please see your rate notice for further information on payment.

  • Payment via B Pay logo using your savings or cheque account
  • Pay over the telephone using your credit card on 9826 1008 **local call cost
  • Mail to: Shire of Cranbrook PO Box 21 Cranbrook WA 6321
  • In person at the Shire of Cranbrook offices (office hours only)
  • Payment by cash, cheque or money order is welcomed. The Shire of Cranbrook has Eftpos facilities and accepts MasterCard and Visa but NOT American Express or Diners Club.

Payment difficulties

Payment arrangements may be made in cases of financial hardship. Payment arrangements are confidential and are a preferred option to legal recovery. To arrange an alternative fortnightly or monthly payment arrangement please contact the Rates Department for further information.

For more information about rates we have produced some helpful documents for you.


Pensioner Rebates on Property Rates & ESL Charges

Information about rebates available to eligible pensioners.

Am I eligible for a Concession?

You must be the Owner and Occupier of the property as at 1st of July.
You must be the holder of a valid Seniors Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, or State Concession Card

How do I receive my concession?

  • If you are already registered with the Water Corporation then you do not need to do anything they will update our details automatically.
  • You may wish to call the Shire on (08) 9826 1008 to ensure we have the correct information on file.

If you are not registered with the Water Corporation then please do one of the following;

  • Complete a web application through the Water Corporation using the new simpler process at https://www.watercorporation.com.au/my-account/i-want-to/apply-for-a-concession they will then update your details and automatically advise the Shire; or
  • Please call the Water Corporation on 1300 659 951 with your pensioner card details. They will then update your details and automatically advise the Shire.
  • If you experience any difficulties please call the Shire on (08) 98261008 and we will help you with the process.
  • If you are unable to use the above options you may wish to fill in the Pensioner/Senior Application Form.

 How much is the rebate?

  • Pensioner Concession Card or State Concession Card

Up to 50% of Property Rates & ESL Charges

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card and WA Seniors Card
Up to 50% of Property Rates & ESL Charges
  • WA Seniors Card only
Up to 25% of Property Rates & ESL Charges


 *Please note:

  • Office of State Revenue will not pay a rebate if the ratepayer portion of that years current rates are not paid in full by 30 June of the year in which they are due.
  • There is no rebate applicable on Rubbish/Recycling Charges

How do I organise a concession card?

WA Seniors Card (08) 6551 8800
Seniors Card Application form Click here to download
Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card 13 23 00
Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card 13 23 00
State Concession Card (08) 9222 2555
Alternatively contact the Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs (08) 9366 8222

Can I defer my Rates?

If you receive a 50% pensioner rebate for the property you may defer paying your rates until the property is sold.

  • If you choose to defer your rates or Emergency Services Levy, you defer the full amount, and do not receive the pensioner/senior rebate.
  • Rubbish & Recycling  charges cannot be deferred and must be paid in full

Please contact us to defer your rates:

Phone: (08) 9826 1008


Sale Of Property For Non Payment Of Rates