Road Works and Maintenance

Road Maintenance is ongoing in the Shire of Cranbrook. For your safety and that of other road users please drive to the conditions of the roads, slow down and adhere to any warning signs installed. The Shire will be monitoring  the roads over harvest.

Traffic Management

When passing through the Shire’s road works please observe the advance warning signs and follow the instructions of the Traffic Controllers. By doing so will ensure the work zone is safe for the workers as well as the road users.

Road Closures

Due to weather conditions, the Shire will at times close the Gravel Road Network. If you would like to notified of the  road closures and reopenings in the Shire of Cranbrook, we can add you to our free SMS Service. You will receive a text message notifying you of the Road Closure/Reopening time, date and any further detials regarding road conditions. To be added to this list, please contact the office on 08 9826 1008 or [email protected]


Main Roads WA - Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS)

The HMMS has been developed to assist the grain industry with the difficulties loading grain from a paddock.

The HMMS is not a concessional loading scheme. A Transport Operator is expected to aim for statutory mass limits when loading their vehicles off a paddock. However, given there are no weighing facilities on paddocks and there are known variations in grain densities, the HMMS allows for a margin of error during the loading process. 

With the assistance of the Grain Receiver, the loads can be adjusted accordingly for the next delivery, which eliminates serious overloads and works toward achieving fully compliant loading practices for the remainder of the harvest season.

The scheme commences each year between the first day of October and finishes on the last day of February. To join HMMS, operators are reminded to register with the relevant grain receiver.

HMMS Access Arrangements 2018-19

Changes have been made to continue allowing 'first and last' mile access on roads between the paddock and the nearest road approved for Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) Network access. The changes ensure there are no adverse effects on road safety and Main Roads legal obligations are met.

For more information about the changes, please see the documents below:

5 Step Guide - HMMS Access Arrangements 2018-19
Flyer - HMMS Access Arrangement 2018-19
FAQs - HMMS Access Arrangements 2018-19

The changes mean you must now apply to Main Roads if RAV access is required on roads between the paddock and the nearest road approved for RAV Network access under HMMS. To apply, a farmer or transport operator may submit a HMMS Road List form to advise us of the RAV combination and roads being used. The HMMS Road List must be endorsed by Main Roads before starting HMMS operations on these roads and be carried in the vehicle and produced to Main Roads, WA Police or the Grain Receiver upon request.

Main Roads will conduct a preliminary assessment of the nominated roads and provided the access is considered safe, endorse the HMMS Road List and return the list to the applicant. This endorsed HMMS Road List may be shared with other transport operators.

To ensure you receive your endorsed HMMS Road List in time for harvest, get your application in now. You need only apply for roads not on the RAV network.

HMMS Road List Form
Sample Form - HMMS Road List Form

HMMS Order

Orders are published on the State Law Publisher (SLP) website and are available to download.  The Harvest Mass Management Scheme Order 2018 will be published prior to 1 October 2018. Operators are reminded they must carry the Order with them in the vehicle and must operate in accordance with the HMMS Business Rules.