Current Warnings

Friday 3 May 2019

Cranbrook Shire-No further units required at Lunt Rd fire, however any units en-route please continue to assist with mopup. Sent 3/05/2019 @2.57pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE-Fire on House's property (previously Mengler's), Lunt Rd Tenterden. All available units within 10km please respond. Sent 3/05/19 @2.16pm

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Shire of CB - Fire on Tunney Hall Road rounded up, no further assistance required. Thanks to everyone for their response. Please exercise caution when lighting fires despite restrictions being lifted. CBFCO. Sent 30 April 2019 @ 3.08pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Fire on Tunney Hall Road, Tunney. Any available units please respond. Sent 1.50pm 30/04/2019

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Cranbrook Shire - No further units required at Poorrarecup Road fire. Any units en-route please continue to assist with mopup. Sent 30/01/19 @3.44pm

CBShire-ADVICE-Fire on Trevor Haynes old property off Poorrarecup Road-All available units within 10km please attend to assist with mopup.Sent 30/1/2019 @2.55pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Fire on Trevor Haynes old property off Poorrarecup Road. All available units within a 5km radius please attend Sent 30/01/2019 @ 2.55pm

Thursday 24 January 2019

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - No further units required @ Lunt Rd Fire. Sent 24/01/2019 @ 11.10am

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Fire on Greg Mengler's property, Lunt Road Tenterden. All available units in a 10km radius please respond Sent 24/01/2019 @ 10.47am

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Fire in Kojonup Shire has worsened. All available units in the area please respond asap. Sent 23/01/2019 @ 2.20pm

Cranbrook Shire-Fire in Kojonup Shire-Fisher Rd, near Phillips Rd, if anyone from the Western end of the CBShire is able to assist, please do. Sent 23/1/19 @2.03pm

Friday 18 January 2019

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE-Fire Salt River Rd Cranbrook under control. If you are en-route please continue. With forecast weather conditions fire needs to be completely extinguished. Sent 18/01/19 @5.50pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Fire on Salt River Road Cranbrook - additional units required - all units in a 30km radius please respond ". 18/01/19 5:11pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Fire on Salt River Road Cranbrook near Horrocks property. All available in 15km radius,please respond. Sent 18/1/19 @4:48pm


Thursday 10 January 2019

CB Shire-reports of suspicious fire incidents today in the Kojonup/Frankland River area. Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to Police 1800333000. Sent 10/01/19 @3:21pm 



Sunday 30 December 2018

Cranbrook Shire CBFCO - Kojonup request additional assistance with fire @Peter Hart property - Wakhinup Rd Kojonup. Enter thru front gate. Sent 30/12/18 @2:47pm


Saturday 29 December 2018

CB Shire - No additional units required at Frankland River fire - however if units are nearby assistance with mop-up is required. Sent 29/12/18 @ 3:58pm

CB Shire- Additional units required to assist with fire at Bolbelup & Frankland/Cranbrook Rd - all units within 20km radius please respond.Sent 29/12/18 @3:16pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE- Fire in vicinity Rowan Bigwood & Clive Quick properties @Bolbelup & Frankland/Cranbrook Rd Frankland River. All available units in 10km radius please respond. Sent 29/12/18 @2:41pm


Cranbrook Shire- Fire under control at Salt River Rd & Yetemerup Rd Cranbrook. No additional units required. Sent 29/12/18 @1:08pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE- Fire cnr Salt River Rd & Yetemerup Rd Cranbrook. All available units in a 15km radius please respond. Sent 29/12/18 @12:51pm


Wednesday 26 December 2018

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Fire North of Cranbrook- reported to CBFCO & under control. Please be advised smoke may be in the area. Sent 26/12/18 6:47pm


Friday 14 December 2018

CB Shire - Fire under control @ Bellavista - mopping up continuing and firebreaks under construction. Thank you for prompt response. Sent 14/12/18/ @4:52pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE-Update fire confirmed @ Bellavista alternate entrance available off Brickhouse Rd- all available units 30km radius. Sent 14/12/18 @3:28pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Fire possibly @ Bellavista. Head down Salt River Rd onto Solomons Rd. Available units in the area please respond. Sent 14/12/18 @3:21pm



CB Shire - no additional units required @ Martagullup / Happy Valley Rd fire. Thank you for your prompt response. Sent 14/12/2018 @12:51pm

Cranbrook Shire-Advice- Fire at Martagallup and Happy Valley Rd in Plantagenet Shire. All available units within a 20km radius please respond.Sent 14/12/18 @12:37pm



Thursday 13 December 2018

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE- Fire on "Westfield" under control. Assistance still required for mop up purposes if you are en-route to the fire. Sent 13/12/18 @8:52pm

Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE-Header fire @ "Westfield"on FR/Rocky Gully Road,Frankland River.All available units in 20km radius please respond. Sent 13/12/18 @8:13pm


Sunday 2 December 2018

CB Shire - Salt River Rd & Climie St(Great Southern Hwy) intersection is now open.Please note hazard signs in the area & drive with caution.Sent 2/12/18 @7:15pm


Cranbrook Shire - Salt River Rd and Climie St (Great Southern Hwy) intersection closed to all vehicles. Heavy vehicles wanting to access CBH alternate route via Tenterden -turn at Gillam St, continue on Ronaldshaw Rd & left onto Salt River Rd until further notice. Sent 2/12/18 @4:21pm


As a result of the vehicle fire and damage to nearby power lines on the cnr of Salt River Road and Climie Street Cranbrook, their is a power outage affecting the whole of the Shire and some neighbouring Shires. According to the Western Power website power will not be restored until 5pm.

To stay up to date on the power outage time frame head to:


Cranbrook Shire - Vehicle fire under control on cnr Salt River Road and Climie Street Cranbrook. No further units required. Sent 2/12/18 @2:06pm


Cranbrook Shire-Cranbrook CBH will be closed until at least 5pm today due to power outage from vehicle fire. CBH will advise when facility is open again. Sent 2/12/18 @1:59pm


Cranbrook Shire-Salt River Road CLOSED in Cranbrook town due to vehicle fire-no access to CBH via Great Southern Hwy. Further advise to come.Sent 2/12/18 1:43pm


Cranbrook Shire-ADVICE - Vehicle fire on cnr Salt River Road and Climie Street Cranbrook. All available units 15km radius please respond. Sent 2/12/18 @ 1:27pm


Bushfire Warning Alerts


1 October - 30 April


Camping and cooking fires are  prohibited within the Shire of Cranbrook from 1 October – 30 April each year or unless written permission has been expressly given by the Shire of Cranbrook Chief Executive Officer as is pursuant with the Bush Fires Act 1954 Section 25.1(a) through to 1(d).