Dogs and Cats


It is law that all dogs within our Shire over the age of 3 months are to be registered. Dog registrations are due on 31 October each year. 

Registration Fees    One Year Three Years Lifetime
Unsterilised Dog/Bitch $50.00  $120.00   $250.00
Sterilised Dog/Bitch  $20.00 $42.50  $100.00
Working Dog/Bitch Unsterilised $12.50 $30.00 $62.50
Working Dog/Bitch  Sterilised $5.00 $10.62  $25.00

Pensioners receive a 50^% discount.  

Control your dog and keep it out of the pound

Ensure your dog is not able to roam freely.  Should it be found roaming, your dog will be impounded. Impounded dogs are advertised on the Shire Facebook Page.  Photos are also placed on noticeboards around town.  

Fees are imposed on all impounded animals and those fees are payable to the Shire before the release of the dog.  Dogs can only be released Monday - Friday during office hours. 

Amendments to the Dog Act 2013

The new set of Dog Regulations came into effect on 1st November 2013.  Some of the key changes are: 

  • All dogs will have to be microchipped as at 1st November 2015.
  • Dogs that have been impounded will not be released until they have been microchipped and this will be at the owners expense.
  • A option for lifetime registering of dogs is now available at a cost of $100 for a sterilised dog and $250 for an unsterilised dog.
  • Pensioners qualify for 50%discount on dog fees.


  • As from 1st November 2013, all cats need to be registered, sterilised and micro-chipped.
  • If your cat is found roaming around the streets and does not comply with these new regulations fines of $5000 apply.
  • Proof of sterilisation and micro-chipping is necessary for all cat registrations.

Registration Fees

Registration Fees One Year Three Years Lifetime
Sterilised Cat $20.00 $42.50 $100.00

Pensioners qualify for 50% discount on all cat fees.