Ranger Responsibilities

Rangers investigate, issue infringements and enforce breaches of various state and local laws with the primary purpose being able to uphold community law and public safety. Residents and visitors are required to consider their responsibilities as well as their rights in relation to these laws, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. 

General duties of the Ranger:

Animal Control
Parking control
Camping areas and obligations

Ranger Complaints 

Should you have any issues or complaints that fall under the rangers general duties please complete the Ranger Complaint Form and submit to the Shire of Cranbrook Administration Office.

Ranger Complaint Form

Contact Details

The Shire has a staff member with ranger responsibilities.

Joe Duina:  Contact Shire Office 9826 1008

Weekends and After hours contact : 0417 905 055

Where there is an immediate threat to life or property outside these hours (such as stock on roads, dog attacks or fires) call 000. The call will be screened by the Emergency Call Centre (Albany Police) and if appropriate referred to the on call Ranger.

The following nuisances do not constitute an Emergency Response:

Wandering dogs (a dog that is detained [on leash] may be collected if resources are available up to 8.00pm
Fowl (wandering chickens, ducks, crowing roosters)
Barking Dogs
Fighting Cats

Incidents relating to native wildlife are to be directed to the Department of Parks and Wildlife on 9842 4500.

Emergency Contacts:

000                    Current or potential life threatening emergencies
1300 657 209    Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) Information Line
9219 8000         Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC)
9474 9055         WILDCARE Helpline for sick, injured or orphaned animal and snake removal
1800 449 453    WILDLIFE WATCH for reporting illegal wildlife activity
9483 6462         MARINE Emergencies