Current Burning Period

1/11/19 TO 14/2/20 (dates inclusive)

Only protective burning can be carried out during the Prohibited Burning time and under the following conditions:
1. No burning permitted on Christmas Day (25 December).
2. All burning must be carried out between the hours of 5.00pm and midnight of the same day.
3. All conditions of Restricted Burning Period must be complied with.
4. A permit to burn must be obtained.

PERMIT TO SET FIRE TO THE BUSH - Standard Permit Burn Prescriptions



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1.      No camping or cooking fires are permitted within the Shire of Cranbrook during the Prohibited Burning Period 1 November to 14 February (dates inclusive).;

2.      During the Restricted Burning Period 1 October to 30 October and 15 February to 30 April (dates inclusive):
a) a permit must be obtained from the local Fire Control Officer for all camping and cooking fires on private property; and
b) additional written permission must be obtained from the Local Government Chief Executive Officer for all camping and cooking fires located on Shire property and Council Reserves; and
c) A camping and cooking fire is defined as:
• a solid fuel fire which is contained in a designated fire pit, or
• a solid fuel barbeque contained in a fire safe receptacle, or
• a wood fired pizza oven
that meet the safety requirements detailed in Section 25 (1)(a) of the Bushfires Act 1954. Camping and cooking fires not contained by one of the above mentioned practices, are not permitted.”