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Private Power Poles and Lines

The Shire of Cranbrook encourages all members of the community to actively prepare their properties and families for a bushfire incident prior to the commencement of the bushfire season. (October - April)



PURSUANT to the powers contained in Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954, fire breaks are required to be completed by the 15th day of November 2020. You (land owners and / or occupiers) are required to plough, burn, scarify, cultivate, chemically spray or otherwise clear firebreaks or fuel free areas and thereafter maintain them free of all flammable materials until the 15th day of April, 2021 in the positions and of such dimensions as detailed in the Shire of Cranbrook Annual Firebreak Notice 2019/ 2020.



SOC - Bushfire Map

SOC - Bushfire Map Index



Preparing yourself, your family and your property is YOUR responsibility.

The more you prepare your property ahead of the bushfire season the better the chance it will have to survive a bushfire.

Below is a list of useful documents to assist you with your bushfire preparation.

DFES Bushfire - Warning Alert Levels

DFES Bushfire Preparedness Toolkit / Plan

DFES Bushfire Factsheet - Bushfire Risks & Dangers

DFES Bushfire Factsheet - Total Fire Ban

DFES Bushfire Factsheet- Safer Places In A Bushfire

DFES Bushfire Factsheet - Sheltering In Your Home

DFES Bushfire Factsheet - Protective Clothing

DFES Bushfire Factsheet - Renting & Bushfires

DFES Bushfire Factsheet - Travelling During A Bushfire

DFES Bushfire Factsheet - Horses & Bushfires

For Further Information: Head to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) website www.dfes.wa.gov.au.       The DFES website provides valuable guides on how to prepare your family and property in the event of a bushfire AND other natural disasters that may occur within the Shire (e.g. Storm, Flood).            


Emergency Evacuation Assistance Forms

The Shire of Cranbrook is compiling a list of people in the Shire who may require some additional assistance to evacuate to a safe location in an emergency event (i.e. bushfire) due to health, age or transport concerns (e.g. families who do not own a vehicle).
If you would like to have your name or a family members name included on this list (which will be kept on a confidential file at the Shire, only to be accessed by necessary staff in an emergency event) – please complete the Emergency Evacuation Assistance Forms and return it to the Shire by one of the methods listed on the form.


Bushfire Warning Alert Levels

Bushfire Warning Alert Levels

Bushfire Brigade Information

The Shire of Cranbrook has 13 volunteer bushfire brigades within its boundaries:

Bokerup                                                                         Kybellup

Central                                                                           Nunijup

Cranbrook Town                                                       Tenterden

East Cranbrook                                                          Tunney

Frankland River                                                          Unicup

Frankland River Town                                             Woolonga


The brigades are made up entirely of volunteer members from the community. If you would like to volunteer  please contact the captain in your local area (see Annual Firebreak Notice 2019 / 2020 for contact details), complete the below form and return it the Shire Administration Office.

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment consisting of:

  • Overalls OR Jacket and Pants
  • Helmet
  • Safety Goggles
  • Leather Rigger Gloves

will be provided to all volunteer brigade members registered with the Shire upon completion of an:



Please return the completed form to:

Fax – 9826 1090

Mail to – PO Box 21, CRANBROOK WA 6321