Environmental Health

Mosquito Fogging

The Shire of Cranbrook would like to inform residents that fogging of mosquitos will be an ongoing practise in Cranbrook, Tenterden and Frankland River townsites, to reduce the risk of mosquito borne viruses. The danger of mosquito bites to humans and animals include the chance of contracting Ross River Virus.  The WA Health Department has indicated that due to favourable weather conditions, for mosquito breeding, there is an increased risk of exposure to Ross River Virus and therefore to the health of humans and have requested that measures are in place to reduce this risk. These measures include fogging, in accordance to specifications as stipulated in manufacturers information sheets, and to introduce a “Fight The Bite” campaign. This campaign is to encourage residents to cover up, use repellent, try not to venture outside during sunset and to reduce potential breeding grounds in your property.  Fogging is identified as the most efficient way that the Shire can reduce this risk.

Should you require any information on mosquito fogging, please contact the Shire’s Manager of Works Jeff Alderton.