Strategic Direction


Strategic Community Plan 2017- 2027

The Shire of Cranbrook Strategic Community Plan is the highest-level planning document in the Intergrated Planning and Reporting process. This plan is desgined to be a 'living' document that guides the development of the Shire of Cranbrook community for at least the next ten years. 

Structure of the Plan

Based on the community engagement, the Plan sets out the vision of the Shire's future and captures  the community's aspirations and values. 

A strategic objective has been developed for each of the four key themes of communtiy interest, being: 

  • Social: Be respected for its friendly, vibrant, connected and safe community;
  • Economic: To be an innovative, diverse, prosperous and growing economy;
  • Environment: Enhance, maintain, protect and promote our built infrastructure and natural environment; and
  • Leadership: Demonstrate strong governance, leadership and organisational growth.

For further information on our Strategic Community Plan please visit the Council Documents page.