Strategic Direction

Strategic Community Plan Review 

The Shire of Cranbrook is currently undertaking a review of its Strategic Community Plan 2013-2023. 

The Strategic Community Plan provides a long term (10+ years) plan for the Shire, expressing the vision, aspirations and priorities of the community and is the Shire’s principal strategy document, influencing all other planning and decision making at the Shire.

In 2013 the Shire of Cranbrook undertook comprehensive community consultation to develop the 2013-2023 Strategic Community Plan.  


That the Shire of Cranbrook is a proactive, sustainable, safe, friendly and prosperous place to be. 


To create the Shire of Cranbook as a place of choice for its

  • Community participation and respect
  • Prosperous economy with sustainable employment opportunities
  • Outstanding infrastructure and services
  • Well managed, resilient environment
  • Positive and proactive Council.








Integrity Courage Fun Compassion Secure Creative
Honesty Innovation Friendly Acceptance Protective Artistic
  Vision Welcoming Empathy Inclusive Visionary
  Pride Cooperative      

Aspirations for the future

by 2023 the Shire of Cranbrook will....

  • Be respected for its friendly, vibrant, connected and safe communities
  • Have an innovative, diverse, prosperous and growing economy
  • Maintain, protect, enhance and promote its environment
  • Have enviable, quality infrastructure, roads and facilities
  • Demonstrate strong governance, leadership and organisational growth