Social Media Guidelines

We are now using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to share news, events and information with our community.  Our aim is to engage with our residents and to deliver relevant information in a fast and cost effective way.


Respecting Other Users

These guidelines are produced to help foster a community dialogue that is respectful and that everyone visiting our pages can share and express their opinions in a constructive way.  Posts or comments which do not comply with these Guidelines and/or Facebook's and or Instagram's terms, will be deleted and the instigator may be banned from future posts on our page. 


The Shire of Cranbrook and the Administrators of our page, reserve the right to remove, without notice or justification any posts or links to other pages or posts, which are deemed;

Discriminiatory in any way
Obscene or offensive
Personal or sensitive information
Overtly sexual or explicit
Threatening or describing violent events or behaviours
Refers to, or encourages the use of illegal drugs
Illegal or encouraging of illegal behaviours (including but not limited to the violation of current Australian Copyright, Intellectual Property and Privacy Laws)
Harassing or hateful to an organisation or person, including the Shire of Cranbrook, our employees, stakeholders, associates and suppliers.
Discusses Local Government Elections and Candidates
Spam, repetitive and non relevant information
Prejudicial, inflamatory, vigilante or "call to action" comments
Selling or advertising by commercial enterprises.


If you would like to report an inappropriate comment or post for us to review, send us an email at [email protected]


Using your Images

Please be advised that we would like to share and showcase our Shire and Communtiy and by tagging us and or using our hastags we may share your photos. 


Responding to you.

We regulate our pages, however at the Shires discretion not every individual post will be responded to and we reserve the right to respond within two workings days where appropriate.  Comments will be responded to during normal business hours between 8.30am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday.


If you are posting queries or information that requires a formal response or action from the Shire, please either use or email or postal address.



The Shire of Cranbook, our staff and contractors are not liable for the accuracy or authenticity of the content of our Facebook or Instagram page.


The information provided is for information purposes only and visitors to the page are responsible for assessing the relevance and accuracy of our stie as well as any externally linked sites.


The Shire of Cranbrook, its' staff and contractors are not liable for any financial or other consequences arising from the inappropriate, improper or fraudulent use of the information or data on this page. 


Modifiying the material on this page in any way by unauthorised person is strictly prohibitied.  Authorised persons are those appointed by the Shire of Cranbrook. 


Under Australian copyright legislation, apart from the purposes of study and research, no material on a page may be reused or redistributed without acknowledgement, or without first obtaining the writtten permission of the Shire of Cranbrook. 


The act of the Shire of Cranbrook "following" or "liking" an individual person, group, organisation, business, event or location through the social media platform does not indicate that the Council or the Shire of Cranbrook endorses the views, products, services or activities pertaining to the "followed" or "liked" group, business or entity.  We are not necessarily directly affliliated with and do not endorse any advertisment that may appear when viewing our page, unless stated otherwise.


For more information about these guidelines and postings on our page please telephone the Shire on 08 98261008 or email [email protected]