Mentally Healthy Communities

The Shire of Cranbrook is very committed to supporting our communities and workforce to be mentally healthy and active in the community. 

The Shire is an Act-Belong-Commit  Partner Site and is also a Onelife Partner. 

Both organisations offer a range of services and resources and we recommend you visit their sites for more information. 

Fact Sheets are available below from both organisations to help you, our community lead a more mentally healthy life. 

Act Belong Commit    

Keeping Mentally Healthy
Keep Physically Active for Health and Happiness
Volunteer for Health and Happiness
Belong for Health and Happiness
Get Creative for Health and Happiness
Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

....and for the kids

Be mentally healthy
Belong for good mental health
Healthy living for mental wellbeing



Suicide in rural and remote communities

What communities can do to prevent suicide

Working together for suicide prevention

I dont know what to say I dont know what to do