0-4 Years Development

The Shire of Cranbrook are deeply committed to the development of young children in the 0-4 age group. 

The 0-4 Development Committee comprises, Cranbrook and Frankland River playgroups, both schools, the "A Smart Start" Coordinator, Teachers and Shire represenatives.  This committee work together to create multiple opportunties for the development of the 0-4 age group. 

The "A Smart Start" Coordinator for the Shire of Cranbrook is Kelly Osborne.

All families of new babies are invited to participate in ‘A Smart Start’ soon after the birth of their child. New families to the community can also register for ‘A Smart Start’ through the Library, Playgroup, community referrals, special events/information sessions or through their local coordination office.

Child Health Nurses introduce ‘A Smart Start’ to families and provide them with registration details and their first information pack. Thereafter, contact is maintained with you through program coordinators in Albany, Cranbrook and Katanning and community volunteers who deliver handbook updates, information on professional services and age-appropriate books for your child on or as close to their birthday.

YMCA ‘A Smart Start’ Objectives

The overall objective of ‘A Smart Start’ is to provide local children aged birth-4 years with the necessary foundation skills required for learning, social interaction, physical and mental well-being throughout life.

YMCA ‘A Smart Start” has two primary areas of focus:

  • The home environment of 0-4 year old children; and
  • The community environment in which young children grow.

The core strategies of YMCA ‘A Smart Start’ include:

  • To establish personal links with all families of birth— four year old children within the former CGS Region.
  • To empower parents with skills and knowledge in recognition that they play a critical role in providing their children with an optimal learning environment.
  • To develop links between agencies and organisations within and across communities.
  • To increase accessibility of all families of birth—four year old children to community based networks and local support groups.
  • To facilitate relationships between families of birth— four year old children and local schools and professional support services.
  • To promote research-based practices that accelerates learning within the home environment; and
  • To provide ongoing accessible resources for all families of young children in the former CGS Region.

For more information click on  "A Smart Start Cranbrook / Frankland River" or follow them on their Facebook page to be kept updated about ongoing activities.