Our Staff

As an organisation the Shire staff  have a Vision and Values that guide the delivery of the outcomes of the Strategic Community Plan and are in line with the Community Vision, Mission and Values.

Organisational Vision

To deliver outstanding outcomes to our Community through exceptional people.

Organisational Values

Respect   Honesty   Teamwork   Accountability   Safety

These values were developed by the staff at the Shire of Cranbrook in 2013.

The Shire is a positive, friendly place to work.  Vacancies are advertised on this website.

2014 Shire Team.

Shire of Cranbrook Staff 2014

Administration Person Phone Email
Finance Officer Shelley Askevold 9826 2202 finance@cranbrook.wa.gov.au
Finance Officer Jessica Standish 9826 2202 jessica@cranbrook.wa.gov.au
Customer Service Officer Jasmine Hambley 9826 1008 reception@cranbrook.wa.gov.au
Emergency Services and Recreation Officer Toni Melia 9826 2203 esro@cranbrook.wa.gov.au
Finance Administration Officer Jodi Vitler 9826 2208


Community and Executive Support Officer Siobhan Gallagher 9826 2204


Personal Assistant to CEO Kellie Evans 9826 2205


Works Depot   9826 1573  
Works Supervisor Dean Parsons 0427 261 028  
Ranger / Plant Operator Joe Duina 0417 905 055 ranger@cranbrook.wa.gov.au
Leading Hand / Constuction Wayne Toovey    
Plant Operator David Parsons    
Plant Operator Martin Taylor    
Plant Operator Allan Singleton    
Plant Operator Steven Scott    
Plant Operator Ray Manders    
Plant Operator Tim Kent    
Plant Operator Stephen Berry    
Garden  Leading Hand Damond Briggs    
Garden Team Tracey Hearn    
Garden Team Tom Elligate    
Garden Team Josh Toovey    


Cranbrook Caravan Park Caretaker Susan Palin

0429 942 825

Cranbrook Caravan Park Caretaker Steve Palin

0429 942 825

Frankland River Caravan Park Caretaker Melinda Stevens

0428 302 489


Cranbrook Cleaner

Ev Harvey



Environmental Health and Building Officer

Michelle Dennis

0407 440 124

08 9831 2424


Club Development Officer

Nicole Selesnew

0428 036 238


Admin Team        Shire of Cranbrook Outside Crew 2014

Administration Team                                                   Outside Team and Caravan Park Caretakers