Current Burning Period


1/3/17 TO 30/04/2017 (all dates inclusive)
The law requires that a person shall not set fire to the bush during the Restricted Burning times unless he has:
1. Obtained a permit in writing from a Bush Fire Control Officer.
2.  Notified all neighbours and a Bush Fire Control Officer.
3. Notified a Department of Environment & Conservation officer if the fire will be within 3km of a Department of Environment & Conservation Reserve.

The following conditions must be complied with when burning is carried out:
1. At least three able bodied persons must be in attendance.
2. The fire may not be lit on a day which a “catastrophic”  “extreme” “severe” or “very high” danger forecast has been issued for the district.
3. At least one fire unit must be in attendance.
4. Any other conditions that are prescribed by the Fire Control Officer.

For more information please contact your local Fire Control Officer or refer to the Shire of Cranbrook Annual Firebreak Notice 2016 / 2017.

PERMIT TO SET FIRE TO THE BUSH - Standard Permit Burn Prescriptions


Restricted Burning Period Changes

At the 15 February 2017 Meeting of Council, Cr Bigwood submitted a notice of motion to alter the Shire’s gazetted Restricted Burning Period for March / April  2017. Council resolved to add permit provisions on what can be burnt during this time period in order to minimize the impact of smoke taint on the Frankland River wine and grape industry and for the Bushfire Advisory Committee (BFAC) to consider altering future Prohibited and Restricted burn periods.

The topic of smoke taint has been discussed by the Council on numerous occasions over the past 18 months. Many meetings have been held with industry representatives from competing industries,  including the BFAC and Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) representatives to try to find the best solution to mitigate the risk of smoke taint, which ultimately, can cause the grape produce to have no commercial value.  

As a result of these discussions and after much deliberation, the Council has decided to initiate some changes to the March / April 2017 Restricted Burning Period. These include:

  • Advising all Shire of Cranbrook Fire Control Officers that no permits are to be granted in the Shire of Cranbrook to burn ‘Bluegum Trash’ during the Restricted Burning Period from 1 March 2017 to 12 April 2017 (unless the Chief Executive Officer has been notified that the viticultural grape harvest has been completed); 
  • Adoption by Council of the definition of Bluegum Trash as  - “All bluegum residue left on site from the harvesting process and/or the clearing/cleanup process of the plantation - this does not include bluegum stumps”.
  • Authorising the Chief Executive Officer to seek Ministerial approval to extend the Restricted Burning Period to 30 April 2017 for the Shire of Cranbrook.

Council has also requested that the Bush Fire Advisory Committee consider the following dates for the Shire of Cranbrook 2017/2018 Firebreak Notice: 
a. Restricted Burning Period (Permit Required) – 1 October to 31 October; 
b. Prohibited Burning Period (No Fires Permitted) – 1 November to 14 February; 
c. Restricted Burning Period for Canola Windrows Only (Permit Required) – 14 February to 28 February; 
d. Restricted Burning Period for all burns except Bluegum Trash (Permit Required) – 1 March to 30 April (unless the Chief Executive Officer has been notified that the viticultural grape harvest has been completed); and 
e. Open Burning Period for all burns (No Permit Required) – 1 May to 30 September. 

For further information head to the Shire website 



Camping and cooking fires are  prohibited within the Shire of Cranbrook from 1 October – 30 April each year or unless written permission has been expressly given by the Shire of Cranbrook as is pursuant with the Bush Fires Act 1954 Section 25.1(a) through to 1(d).